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Parking Lot Striping

One of the best ways to make sure your property stands out is to invest in a well-defined, professionally striped parking lot.

Clean and legible pavement striping not only provides a winning first impression, it provides order by directing pedestrians and vehicles around your parking lot. Faded striping and other pavement markings can cause confusion and lead to parking and traffic problems.

Typically, we recommend re-striping every 1-2 years, depending on how quickly fresh stripes lose color due to traffic levels and exposure to the elements.

Using the latest technologies and techniques, Precision Lines offers both re-striping services as well as new parking log layout design.

Whether you are in need of a refresh for your existing lot, or a parking lot layout to make the most out of your space, Precision Lines is the solution.
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Athletic Field Marking

Ensure your school is a step ahead of your rival by providing your teams, officials, and fans crisp straight field markings. Whether you need lines, numbers, and yard makers, or you want painted end zones with a field apron, we can accommodate all your athletic field marking needs.

Our team will provide your athletic program with accurate field markings according to the NFHS regulations. With years of experience in marking and maintaining athletic fields there are no requirements too big for us to tackle.

We were awarded the pioneer Field of Excellence in 2013 for our paint scheme at KC  Hanna Stadium for Laurens District 55. 
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Warehouse Floor Marking

Warehouse and industrial sites operate best with clear communication about workflow, safety hazards, designated areas, etc. Precision Lines provides floor striping that meets and exceeds OSHA standards, ensuring employee safety and increased staging space for your products.

From “Caution” signage to pedestrian walkways, if you can think it up, we can stencil it!
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Sign Installation

Directional signage is necessary for efficient and safe traffic flow. We provide commercial and industrial clients with sign installation for effective communication and organization within the parking lot. We offer a wide range of signage installations including:
  • Handicapped Signs
  • Take-Out Only Signs
  • EV Recharge Stations
If your property is open to the public it is required to offer ADA (American's with Disability Act) compliant parking spaces and signage. Work with us to ensure your facilities meet these requirements, and remain accessible to all customers.
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